Glory Chronicles: The Mad Men

“That is the best looking door I have every seen. In fact, this will open many doors for you!” Eve said laughing at her wittiness. Adam put down his tools and began to chase her around the shop trying to punish her by tickling her into hysterics. “You are a silly goose,” he yelled as […]

Glory Chronicles: The Deliverance

“I’m really surprised at the fairness of the Persian empire toward us,” commented Adam’s good friend Salmon. “In fact, from the reports from Judah, it seems we have it pretty good here.” Adam nodded thoughtfully in agreement. Yet something in his heart longed for the land he had left over 80 years ago. He and […]

Glory Chronicles: The Sacriledge

Adam and Eve walked the well-lit streets of Babylon hand in hand enjoying the warm night air. Both of their hearts were content after the enjoyable fellowship among friends of the synagogue they attended. “Isn’t Mary’s new baby so cute?” Mary asked. “Which Mary? I believe there were at least two dozen Mary’s tonight,” Adam […]