The DUMBEST Question I Get Asked as a Minister

My husband and I founded Free Indeed and Power in September 2007, and later we founded the Furnace in June 2012. Both of these things were started after lengthy times of praying over the matter and, quite frankly, not really wanting to. We both understand the cost and the hard work in birthing and raising […]

Stop Being Dumb

Dumb as defined in the dictionary is an “inability to speak.” It comes from an Old English word that means “confusion, stupification, and dizziness.” It has the idea of “defective perception.” PERCEPTIONS can make us dumb. I have seen perceptions destroy relationships, cause division in churches and businesses, ruin marriages, and even put people in […]

Breaker Gathering Videos Available Now!

The Breaker Gathering 2014 was about the 7 Spirits of God, how to dwell in God’s presence and cultivate the secret place as well as Leviathan’s role in resisting the believer from these crucial things. These videos are life changing and will equip you to know God better! View here!