Indwelling 6: The Spirit of Divine Enablement

Grace is the divine enablement of Holy Spirit to live as a new creation man or woman accessing the promises given us in Holy Spirit and sharing in His nature
Religion keeps one is a performance-based mindset. Relationship positions us in a love that enables us to please God based on faith and reliance on Holy Spirit's empowerment. In this teaching, Dr. Sherri explores how Holy Spirit enables us to live in freedom and be transformed in our soul--the salvation of our soul, which is the end of our faith!
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The Indwelling 4: Unveiling the Mystery

The mystery hidden for ages until now has been unveiled.
Paul's ministry from God consisted one ONE MAJOR THING: unveiling the mystery hidden until now, which is Christ in you, the hope or expectation of glory! He devoted his life to this message. In fact, he wrote in 1 Corinthians that "what he preached" and "how he preached it" was to establish our faith on the power of Holy Spirit not man's wisdom or persuasive words. Unfortunately, there's a lot of ...
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The Indwelling 3: The Gospel of the Image

with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord
You do not have two natures. You are a new creation whose image has not only been restored but upgraded so you can be the dwelling place of God. For too long, religion has taught the believer that you're still fighting the old nature, you're still going to sin, and you're still a sinner but saved by grace. These doctrines are not true. In this latest teaching, Dr. Sherri reveals the truth about yo...
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The Indwelling 3: The Gospel of His Image

A lot of rules in churches and denominations are, in fact, a reaction to error.
What is the CORE of Christianity? What was MOST IMPORTANT to the Lord? You might be surprised that many Christians don't know the answers to these questions not from lack of desire but from from lack of sound, Biblical teaching. Paul's entire life was devoted to the revelation he got from Jesus directly that he spent 15 years developing and that enabled him to do extraordinary and unusual miracle ...
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The Indwelling 2: The Priority of Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit's activity in your life is KEY.
In Galatians 1, Paul made it plain that if anyone teaches a different gospel that is not of the same kind as the gospel of the kingdom, let them be accursed. The gospel being preached to his churches in the region of Galatia was that you had to follow the Law in addition to being born again. He called this "bewitched" and then asked a question: Is God constantly supplying the Spirit and constantly...
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The Indwelling 1: The New Nature

The Indwelling
Dr. Sherri starts a new series on the indwelling of Holy Spirit, the greatest aspect of being born again, but also the most neglected. Paul's doctrine was simple. God became Man. God died and rose from the dead. God imparted His nature to those who believe. God now lives in man. Bam! Here is proof! Unfortunately, wrong doctrine and neglect about Holy Spirit has limited the believer in defeat and l...
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Livestream: One of the BEST Things I’ve Ever Done!

Recently, I discovered one of the best things I've ever done as a Christian that has highly impacted me spiritually as well as my thinking and how I view things in life. It's something the Bible talks about and is very simple. And it doesn't take a LOT OF TIME! This video is a little longer than normal but I promise you will be blessed!
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