Glory Chronicles: The Fall

The serpent was the craftiest of all the animals, which is why the King’s adversary chose the serpent as his disguise before he approached Eve. Pleased with the overall effect, he made his way through the garden to the forbidden tree. He knew it was only a matter of time before Eve couldn’t resist. He […]

Glory Chronicles: The Warning

The newly wed couple fell into the joy of discovering one another and enjoying all that the King had created for them. The Garden He had planted was large and filled with secrets and surprises. Each day they discovered a new tree with fruit they had never tasted or a secret enclosure surrounded by beautiful […]

The Number One Way to NOT Fall

Recently, God gave me an amazing revelation on why believers backslide, stay in destructive relationships and in abusive churches, enable others in bad behavior, and more. I originally taught this revelation in the Reformation Center, but I feel this teaching is so important that I am posting it in a separate blog. Listen here!

Stop Being Dumb

Dumb as defined in the dictionary is an “inability to speak.” It comes from an Old English word that means “confusion, stupification, and dizziness.” It has the idea of “defective perception.” PERCEPTIONS can make us dumb. I have seen perceptions destroy relationships, cause division in churches and businesses, ruin marriages, and even put people in […]